Gay Affirmative, Safe Compassionate Caring
Services offered include: 
Psychotherapy, Individual, Couples, Groups, Executive and Organizational Development, Training for Consultants, Clinicians, Pastoral Counselors and other Curious People

In a safe and supportive environment, learn to use specific methods to reduce anxiety and depression and identify patterns that may have served a purpose at one time but are no longer serving you. Our initial sessions will be focused on: exploring the issues that are important to you, determining the goals that you want to achieve, and beginning to develop trust, respect, and a personal connection so that you feel safe and understood.

As we work together reducing the constraints that prevent growth and development, energy is free to lead toward transformation. The methods apply to all living human systems; from people, to couples, to groups and even entire organizations. Group work may be a great way to discover the key to understanding yourself in relation to your environment; it can enable you to find more satisfaction and fulfillment and less pain and anguish. You will learn new ways of relating both to yourself and yourself in relation to the world; with this you can see your problems in a new light and find solutions by reducing what's in your way to making more satisfying choices. Together we will uncover your hopes and dreams, identify the obstacles, and discover ways to reduce the ones you can, allowing for the possibility of turning your potential into reality.