Gay Affirmative, Safe Compassionate Caring

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Rediscover yourself and your passion!

Robert Hartford, LICSW, LSCP, Licensed Systems-Centered® Practitioner, ICEEFT Certified Couples Therapist, CGP Certified Group Psychotherapist, CDWF

Serving the Gay and Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transsexual, Non-Binary and Questioning, (LGBTQ) community for over 20 years.

Therapy and Coaching for the life you want and deserve!

Have you put off therapy or coaching because you felt it would mean there is something wrong with you?  Nonsense!  I have heard it time and time again:  "I've wanted to do this for a long time but I just didn't want to admit something was wrong with me.  Now that I'm here I realize it not that somethings wrong, I just want something more".

Therapy does not mean you're broken; it is a tool for personal growth.  If you want to gain awareness and learn more about you and your potential for increased wellness and fulfillment, therapy or coaching can give you the tools.  Psychotherapy can often lead to:

  • more fulfilling relationships
  • better understanding of yourself
  • significant reduction in feelings of distress
  • better control over life situations
  • solutions to specific problems
  • lessening of depressive symptoms
  • healing of emotional wounds
  • increased life skills
  • reduction of anxiety
  • greater self-confidence
  • a rise in self-esteem
  • better moods

Robert Hartford, is a Systems Centered Therapist  SCT* which means he uses specific techniques to help achieve results.  Being the only Licensed SCT* Therapist in DC and the surrounding area means that when you join my private practice, you will get special attention.  You will be part of an exclusive group of clientele, learning specialized techniques unique to SCT*.  You can expect to get high level, sensitive, quality care, so you can progress and not be stuck in therapy forever.

Don't expect to lay on the couch; this is not cookie cutter therapy and I will do more than just listen, say "yes", "hum", or "tell me more about that".  I work along with you together using specialized methods and specific techniques to ensure you'll receive an excellent standard of personalized service.  So when you join my private practice, you'll get the special attention you deserve, so you can reach your goals over time.  When you come on board with me, be assured you'll get more than your typical therapy experience.

Choosing the right therapist is one of the most important things for successful therapy outcome. But it isn't anything about the therapist per se, that makes that so.  What matters most is that the two of you are a good fit. The right relationship is what makes the difference.  So come ... explore ... and see if this is the fit that works for you.

SCT*  is trademarked by Yvonne Agazarian and Systems Centered Training and Research Center.


Keli our Labradoodle visits the office on occasion.

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